Geographies of Early Modern Science

Geographies of Early Modern Science

Dean Bond (Loughborough University)

Recent years have seen much work appear on the geographies of science, and especially modern science (19th-20th century). Less attention has been paid, however, to the geographies of early modern science (ca. 1450-1800). This session invites contributions from geographers, historians of science and cultural historians that address the role of geography in the production of early modern scientific knowledge (broadly understood, and including geographical knowledge). Papers on the practice and sites of early modern geography would be especially welcome, although submissions could address a range of themes, including:

  • Life geographies and early modern science
  • Geographies of scientific academies and early modern universities -Science at court and geographies of patronage
  • Geographies of collecting and curation
  • Print geographies and early modern science
  • Geographies of visual representation (sketching, drawing, painting)
  • Sites and practices of scientific trust and authority

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