Felt knowledges

Felt Knowledges

Candice Boyd (University of Melbourne) and Sarah Bennett (Kingston University)

Non-representational, affective, and performative methods have generated considerable interest in cultural geography over the past decade (Dewsbury, 2010; Vannini, 2015).  These developments have occurred alongside debates in the creative arts sparked by new materialisms and speculative realism (Barrett & Bolt, 2015; Bryant et al., 2013).  In this session, we seek to interrogate the types of knowledges that are created when such methodologies are employed, with an emphasis on what is ‘perceptively felt’ (Manning & Massumi, 2014).

We are particularly interested in showcasing new scholarship that employs one or more of the following:

  • Poetry
  • Composition
  • Re-enactment
  • Installation or Exhibition
  • Improvised Performance
  • Montage, Collage, Bricolage or Frottage
  • Sensory, Embodied, and Immersive Approaches

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