Sponsored Sessions: RGS-IBG Annual Conference 2017

The HPGRG is sponsoring ten sessions at the Annual Conference of the RGS-IBG in London, in August and September 2017. Details of these can be found below by clicking on the respective titles.

(en)Countering change, (dis)Assembling placeness

Becoming Geography’s others: thinking through antonyms

Celebrating a centenary: On Growth and Form and geography

Geography’s Technology: Conceptualising technology, technics and the technological

Historical geographies of mobility and knowledge

Non-representational geographies: practices, pedagogies and writing

Putting philosophies of geography into practice

Reappraising David Livingstone’s The Geographical Tradition after a quarter of a century

The ‘commons and borderland’ of geography and anthropology

The question of culture in cultural geographies

Transforming Geography

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