ChairDr Heike Jöns (Loughborough University), 2018-2021

SecretaryDr Federico Ferretti (University College Dublin), 2018-2021

TreasurerDr Julian Brigstocke (Cardiff University), 2017-2020

Website Editor: Dr Thomas Jellis (University of Oxford), 2013-2019

Membership SecretaryDr Franklin Ginn (University of Bristol), 2017-2020

Communications OfficerDr Michiel Van Meeteren (Loughborough University), 2018-2021

Undergraduate Prize Coordinator: Dr Pauline Couper (York St John University) 2013-2019

Ordinary MemberDr Dean Bond (Loughborough University), 2017-2020

Postgraduate Liaison Officer: vacant


The website for the Royal Geographical Society's History and Philosophy of Geography Research Group

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