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Agenda for the HPGRG AGM at the RGS-IBG Annual Conference 2015

13:10 to 14:25, Wednesday 2 September, Forum – Seminar Room 1, University of Exeter


  1. Apologies
  1. Minutes of 2014 AGM
  1. HPGRG Sessions for 2015 (Paul Simpson)
  1. HPGRG Research Group Guests for 2015 (Paul Simpson)
  1. HPGRG Accounts (Sam Kinsley)
  1. HPGRG Dissertation Prize (Paul Simpson)
  1. HPGRG Website (Thomas Jellis)
  1. HPGRG Membership update (Julian Brigstocke)
  1. HPGRG Workshop for 2015 – update (Sam Kinsley)
  1. Discussion of future Research Group Activities (Paul Simpson)
  1. Call for Sessions for 2016 RGS-IBG Annual International Conference (Paul Simpson)
  1. Committee Membership Terms and Elections (Paul Simpson)
  1. Any Other Business



Forthcoming AGM at the RGS-IBG

This year, our AGM will take place on Wednesday 2 September, at 13:10 in Forum – Seminar Room 1 at the University of Exeter (it’s also listed in the conference programme).

While we do not have any committee members with named roles coming to the end of their term we encourage anyone who is interested in becoming involved in the committee and its activities to attend; we’d very much welcome people who want to become involved in – and expand on – the group’s activities.

The agenda will be posted on here in advance of the meeting.




Call for Sessions: RGS-IBG Annual Conference 2015

The History and Philosophy of Geography Research Group (HPGRG) invites suggestions for 12 sponsored sessions at the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2015 in Exeter from 2nd to 4th September 2015. The conference will focus on Geographies of the Anthropocene and be chaired by Professor Sarah Whatmore (University of Oxford).

We welcome suggestions for sessions across our remit, interpreted broadly, as the histories and/or philosophies of human geography, physical geography and associated fields. We particularly welcome session proposals that seek to engage with geography’s theoretical and philosophical underpinnings, past, present, and future.

HPGRG sponsorship can provide promotion for your session, help manage timetabling clashes, and enable bidding for funding for research group guests and awards for postgraduate presenters in your sessions.

Please send the following information to HPGRG Secretary Isla Forsyth and HPGRG Chair Paul Simpson by Wednesday, 19th December 2014:

– title of proposed session (up to 15 words), name and affiliation of organizers, and abstract of c. 200-300 words

– indication of proposed format (e.g. papers or panel discussion, number of papers, use of discussants; for possibilities of session formats, see here)

– number of 1h 40 minutes slots requested (note, sessions may not normally occupy more than two timeslots in the conference programme)

We will inform session organizers about HPGRG sponsorship and further procedures in early January. The deadline for submitting complete sessions to the Society is 20th February 2015. This would leave about six weeks for session organisers to send out a call for papers and finalise the session programme.

Please direct any questions to Isla Forsyth.

The HPGRG committee looks forward to your submissions!

Agenda for the HPGRG AGM at the RGS-IBG Annual Conference 2014

Annual General Meeting 2014

13:10 to 14:25, Thursday 28 August 2014


  1. Apologies (Richard Powell)
  2. Minutes of 2013 AGM
  3. HPGRG Sessions for 2014 (Heike Jöns and Isla Forsyth)
  4. HPGRG Research Group Guests for 2014 (Heike Jöns)
  5. HPGRG Accounts (Sam Kinsley)
  6. HPGRG Dissertation Prize (Pauline Couper; Mathilde Leduc-Grimaldi; Heike Jöns)
  7. HPGRG Website (Thomas Jellis)
  8. HPGRG Membership update (Paul Simpson)
  9. Ideas for HPGRG Workshop for 2015 (Richard Powell)
  10. Call for Sessions for 2015 RGS-IBG Annual International Conference, University of Exeter (Richard Powell)
  11. Discussion of Committee Roles and Responsibilities (Richard Powell)
  12. Committee Membership Terms and Elections (Richard Powell)
    • Chair
    • Secretary
    • Membership Secretary
  13. Any Other Business

HPGRG AGM at the RGS-IBG annual conference 2014

The History and Philosophy of Geography Research Group Annual General Meeting 2014 will be held at 13.10-14.25 (Plenary/Lunch session), on Thursday 28 August in the RGS-IBG Council Room, as part of the RGS-IBG annual conference.

Any Committee Member or normal member of the Research Group (or any other interested person) who is not registered to attend the conference but who wishes to attend the AGM (or any other Research Group’s AGM) can gain a free visitor pass for the meeting by emailing AC2014 [at] rgs [dot] org and providing their name, affiliation, email address and the meeting(s) they wish to attend.  Stephanie Wyse at RGS-IBG will confirm receipt and arrange for a visitor pass to be collected from the registration desk on the day.