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Conference awards 2013

as a research group of the RGS-IBG, the remit of the HPGRG includes supporting postgraduate members to attend the RGS-IBG annual conference. This year we are pleased to support two postgraduate researchers giving papers at the annual conference with a bursary of £50.

Chay Brooks from the University of Cambridge is giving a paper entitled ‘Agents of Good Will’: An historical geography of philanthropy and the Institute of International Education, c. 1946-1952, in the Historical Geographies of Internationalism, 1900s-1970s session.

Jake Hodder from the University of Nottingham is giving a paper entitled Radical Pacifism, Internationalism and the Ephemeral Geographies of the World Peace Brigade (1962-64), also in the Historical Geographies of Internationalism, 1900s-1970s session.

The abstracts for both of these papers are available on the session page at the RGS-IBG website.