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‘Geography and its publics’ at iCHSTM 2013, sponsored by the HPGRG

The HPGRG are pleased to publicise the ‘Geography and its publics‘ strand at the 2013 International Congress of History of Science, Technology and Medicine to be held in Manchester between 21 and 28 of July 2013.

The ‘Geography and its publics‘ strand is made up of six sessions, between the 24th and 25th July, with a broad range of papers, including keynotes from Prof. Charlie Withers (Edinburgh) on the morning of the 24th and Prof. Karen Morin (Bucknell) on the morning of the 25th. Please see the provisional programme for more details on the interesting collection of papers that will be presented in these sessions.

The International Congress of History of Science, Technology and Medicine is the largest event in the field, and takes place every four years. Recent meetings have been held in Mexico City (2001), Beijing (2005) and Budapest (2009).

HPGRG-sponsored RGS-IBG conference sessions for 2013

The HPGRG are pleased to announce the conference sessions sponsored at this year’s RGS-IBG annual international conference. The variety amongst the nine sessions is a great indication of the fascinating work being presently conducted in geography. Continue reading HPGRG-sponsored RGS-IBG conference sessions for 2013

Call for Sessions: RGS-IBG Annual Conference 2013

The History and Philosophy of Geography Research Group (HPGRG) invites suggestions for 12 sponsored sessions at the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2013 in London from 28th to 30th August 2013. The conference will focus on “New geographical frontiers” and be chaired by Professor Jonathan Rigg (Durham University).

We welcome suggestions for sessions across our remit, interpreted broadly, as the histories and/or philosophies of human geography, physical geography and associated fields. Proposals for co-sponsored sessions with other Research Groups are welcome.

HPGRG sponsorship can provide promotion for your session, help manage timetabling clashes, and enable bidding for funding for research group guests and awards for postgraduate presenters in your sessions.

Please send the following information to Heike Jöns, Secretary of HPGRG (, by Monday, 10th December 2012:

  • title of proposed session, name of organizers, and abstract of c. 200-250 words
  • indication of proposed format (e.g. papers or panel discussion, number of papers, use of discussants; see the RGS page for possibilities of session formats)
  • number of 1h 40 minutes slots requested
  • possible co-sponsorship with other research groups

We will inform session organizers about HPGRG sponsorship and further procedures before Christmas. The deadline for submitting complete sessions to the Society is 13th February 2013. This would leave about two months for session organisers to send out a call for papers and finalise the session programme.

Please direct any questions to Heike Jons ( Please see the RGS-IBG website for further details about the Annual Conference 2013 and about HPGRG on this website.

The HPGRG committee looks forward to your submissions!

Geography and post-phenomenology

James Ash recently posted a useful introduction to conceptualisations of post-phenomenology to inform the upcoming RGS-IBG conference session he is co-convening with Paul Simpson. The ‘Geography and Post-Phenomenology’ session is sponsored by the HPGRG. Here is the introduction to James’ post:

The term post-phenonenology has been floating around for a number of years in geography (see the work of John Wylie and Mitch Rose) and other disciplines such as Philosophy and Science and Technology Studies (see for example the work of Don Ihde). Paul and myself both came to the term during our theses, although quite independently of one another. Myself through the work of Heidegger and Paul through the work of Husserl.

The session should be a good opportunity to think about what the term might mean and what it could offer contemporary human geography.

Please visit James’ blog to read more.

Philosophy in Geography

As a part of the mission of the HPGRG, we seek to foster and promote research concerning contemporary philosophies, theories and methods related to geography. We would like to gather together some commentaries, introductions or reflections upon theoretical influences in human geography on this website as a potential resource. We invite expressions of interest, links to pre-existing blog posts or suggestions for possible topics, please contact Sam Kinsley.

With this aim in mind, in the next few posts we will collect some existing useful work from the blogs of fellow geographers that opens some insights into contemporary theoretical interests within human geography.