Committee changes

At our most recent AGM, held in Cardiff, we had a number of out-going committee members. Our Chair, Paul Simpson, and Secretary, Isla Forsyth, came to the end of their extended term (2014-2018); our Communications Officer, Vanessa Schofield, reached the end of her term (2015-2018), and our Postgraduate Liaison Officer, Diana Beljaars, stepped down due to no longer being a postgraduate (2016-2018). We thank them for all their work on the committee.

We now welcome our in-coming committee members. Our Chair will be Heike Jöns, who has had a long-standing involvement with the Research Group. In addition, we welcome Federico Ferretti as Secretary, and Michiel Van Meeteren as Communications Officer. We hope to appoint a Postgraduate Liaison Officer in the near future.

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