HPGRG-sponsored RGS-IBG conference sessions for 2013

The HPGRG are pleased to announce the conference sessions sponsored at this year’s RGS-IBG annual international conference. The variety amongst the nine sessions is a great indication of the fascinating work being presently conducted in geography.

Here are the nine sessions in brief. We will post details of each of the sessions in due course.

  • Connecting Elements: Connecting Geographies – convened by Isla Forsyth and William Hasty
  • Understanding the psychospatial – convened by Elizabeth Gagen and Jessica Pykett
  • Historical Geographies of Internationalism, 1900s-1970s – convened by Mike Heffernan, Stephen Legg and Jake Hodder
  • Writing Geography – convened by Innes Keighren and Fraser Macdonald
  • Economies of Contribution – convened by Sam Kinsley, Matthew Wilson and James Ash
  • Arctic Geographical Traditions? Practices, Politics and Institutions – convened by Andrew Foxall and Richard Powell
  • Eschatology and World Politics – convened by Rory Rowan and Ross Adams
  • Ambience and Atmospheres: Encountering new material frontiers – convened by Paul Simpson, Peter Adey and Damien Masson
  • Occult Geographies: (im)material agents and the geographical imagination – convened by Julian Holloway and James Thurgill

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