The Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers’ (RGS-IBG) History and Philosophy of Geography Research Group (HPGRG) initiates and fosters the development of research:

  • on the history and philosophy of knowledge in associated fields
  • on contemporary philosophies, theories and methods related to geography

The HPGRG Committee promotes the aims and objectives of the group by:

  • organising and sponsoring academic conferences
  • convening sessions at the Annual Conference of the RGS-IBG
  • subsidising the costs of attendance of postgraduates at its conferences
  • disseminating information about relevant research activities via this website
  • supporting the publication of research monographs, collections and related materials (including a research register)
  • liaising with cognate organisations and disciplines
  • co-ordinating bids to RGS-IBG and other bodies for grants

The website for the Royal Geographical Society's History and Philosophy of Geography Research Group